The Rewrite, 2017

Installations | Exhibitions

The Rewrite, focuses on the repeated history of how black women are treated and is set up in a way to make the community more visible. The portraits reflect an old timeless feel, bringing it back to the roots of where it all started, the South. The installation of sculptured books on the shelves are all titled with names of important black female artists, doctors, inventors, dancers, singers, warriors, leaders, etc that aren’t taught as part of mainstream America’s history.  

The sculptures are sized in a way to represent a graph illustrating the income black women receive today as well as back then. The sculptures speak to a history of enslavement and blacks being denied the right to an education. Now here on display is a library ready to flip the script on what oppressors has forced upon us. This body of work is an opportunity for the viewers to learn about the black women that have paved the roads for us and to inspire the future generations.

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