She Tells Me: An Interactive Experience, 2017

Installations | Exhibitions

“For years natural hair, braids, anything outside of the ‘normal’ straight hair has been frowned upon. Features of black women were never seen as a privilege or advantage, we were constantly fighting to look like the blonde haired, blued eyed girl next to us. Society has always shamed black women for certain qualities then go and steal these things and then receive praise for being a trendsetter. I want to reclaim what is rightfully ours, our God given beauty. I want to empower those who feel like they’re voices aren’t being heard. Give black women a platform to stand on to know they are beautiful, powerful, and have even more to embody then just their looks.” Through her installations, sculptures, photography, video, and embroidery, Francena creates an interactive atmosphere for the viewers allowing those to connect to one’s experience.

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